Cider without the wank

Gather around children and I will tell you a story.

Many, many moons ago, in Darwin after a three day drinking session, I thought I would change it up and get a carton of Strongbow. That cider experience stopped me from loving cider for another six years.

Older, wiser and a move to Melbourne saw another drinking session, this time I thought that cider would be the closest to water at the pub to accompany breakfast with a killer hangover, I discovered Cold Stream cider.

This was my turning point.

Over the last 8 or so months I have been my very own lab-rat. Testing & rating ciders from local and speciality brewers. No more strongbow, no 5 seeds and no hipster wankers who can’t handle a real beer.
Short and to the point reviews of ciders to tell you, fellow cider lover, if it is really worth shelling out $20 for that bottle the size of a long-y.

Bress of luck to you.

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