From some mountain in New South Wales comes the Bilpin Original Cider. They have had apples in this region since some white explorer fella thought it would be a good idea to plant some apple trees, but the Bilpin Cider co decided to start making cider last year.

Clean and clear, just like my last urine drug test.

Bilpin has hit a winner straight up. This cider is clean and clear straight out of the bottle. It looks almost still, but when you drink it the tiny tiny bubbles give an electric sensations. Everyone loves bubbles!

Everyone loves Bubbles!

Everyone loves Bubbles!

Dry, balanced and still carries a sweet apple-y flavour. I could easily drink a lot of this in the sunshine. You could add ice but I don’t think my glass lasts long enough to need ice.

Made with real apples. Not of this reconstituted, imported or watered down bullshit. Bilpin is an overall winner, I am looking forward to what comes out next from these guys.

Kodiak Jack

I wonder if the Bilpin brewers have beards to match Kodiak Jack?

  • All day drinker
  • 7.3% Alcohol
  • 7.5/10

This was available from the Cider Insider, I can’t find it on the site anymore. Definitely hunt this cider down at your local independent bottle shop.

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