Purple is a fruit

St Heliers 

Black current

After a long summer of drinking mixed cartons of cider, this was always pushed to the back of the beer fridge.
And rightly so. This was a gift from a friend, who knew of my quest to drink every cider known to man* .

I havn’t drunk ribena in years. I get my Vitamin C in much more manly ways, like orange quarters at half time. This poor excuse for a cider is fermented ribena. Far too sweet and zero bubbles. Sticking ribena in a sodastream would get better results.

St. Hell

  • 2/10
  • Too sweet
  • Shunned by alcoholics
  • Give this to someone you dislike

Available where? Don’t bother, try other St Heiler ciders.

*Man who lives in Melbourne.

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