What do Hipsters drink at Christmas time?

It’s not Christmas but it is cold.

Just because it is not a long-y of Woodstock, doesn't mean it's not a RTD

As if there are not enough fake ciders out there Rekorderlig bring out a christmas inspired winter special. It is an impressive blend of alcohol and cordial. This new age hipster worshiped non-conforming RTD can trick you into all sorts of pleasant states of mind when drank either cold or hot. Yes you can gently heat this cider (it might have apples in it???) and change the flavour and characteristics in a huge way.

Christmas Jerk

Firstly lets do cold as I needed to research the appropriate way to gently heat this monstrosity. It smells like desert. All cinnamon and cream. Would make a fat cop moist. Make sure you remember to “gently” shake and roll the bottle. On the initial taste you have a vision of apple pie with ice-cream. But don’t think of the pie from American pie or you will tickle your own gag reflex.

It’s not as sugary as the rest of the Rekorderlig family. That is it’s big saving grace when it is cold. It sits in layers as far as flavour goes. If you don’t remember the rolling and shaking you will be confronted with a hit of spicy cinnamon and eventually hit this creamy relief (Don’t go visual). I would not want to drink more than 1 or 2 bottles in a single sitting. The more you drink the more intense and overwhelming the flavours get. Kinda like Banana Bread beer, the first is a novelty and you regret buying two at the end.

As long as its mixed well its drinkable. The longer you let it sit the more of a creamy vanilla scent you get when you go to drink. I think wine wankers call this a bouquet or something else wanky. But this smell makes you want to lick the inside of your glass the closer you get to the bottom of it.

The apple pie is warm now. Don’t burn your dick. 

Warmed Up. WTF. If I was an old piss head this would be delightful. You get an overwhelming stench of Metho and Sherbert. It made me think about the guy I saw drinking mehto and gatorade one day when I was young. It may take this guy to a special place. It changes this cider/RTD’s characteristics in a big way. It brings out the individual flavours and sharpens everything.

You are reminded of christmas at Nanna’s and she has been busy making her special pudding with a dash of boozer*.


Rekorderlig Winter Cider

  • 4.8% Alcohol
  • “Enjoyed” Hot or Cold
  • $6ish (unless you are at some hipster bar & its $15…. Chumps
  • 4.5/10 of fake Christmas cheer

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