Anyone for a Golden Badger Shower?

This is that good that you could actually shower in it. Before you drink it, unless your into that german stuff and don’t mind it filtered. Very proper and British, but without the bad dentistry. It smells dry as soon as you open it, like its keeping secrets and doesn’t want to spoil the delightful surprise.

If only I could bathe in this Badger shower like this...

Yes, thats right. I’m calling this one delightful. It is nice to look at in the glass and the bubbles are mesmerising. Initial taste is dry but not punchy. It just goes down so easily and the flavour sits nicely. Like a really good beer that you will drink every Friday arvo after a big week at work. I would not be adverse to putting a few pints away and this is a cider that could be used to convert your beer drinking mates like christians use holy water to turn sinners. Maybe not a rebirth, but an eye opener for the ignorant.

I can’t single out what it is that makes it so drinkable. Its got a strange woodiness to it which is what keeps you interested but doesn’t become overwhelming after just one or two.

This Badger tastes better than yo mumma's beaver
This Badger tastes better than yo mumma’s beaver
  • Oaky doaky. Wood-n’t stop me drinking this all day.
  • I can’t remember how potent this Badger is
  • $6ish
  • 7.5/10

Delightfully drinkable. That is all.

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