Napoleone & Co Methode Tradittonnelle Pear Cider

The first thing you notice about this cider is that it is polite. It has a fancy name full of letters and hard to say words. But don’t let that intimidate you or scare you into picking something a little more generic looking.  Yes the bottle has a cloth label, I pulled it off just to check. This is a nice touch for something so special. It has this aura of being the High Tea of the cider world.


Bravo Napoleone & CO

It smells delightful as you open it with that ever impressive popping of the cork. I always feel like I’ve won something when I open bottle with corks that pop. Another reason why this cider is a winner. (Maybe I’m just really excited as this is my first review in a while).

The pour is another joy with all this tiny bubbles which suggests this is naturally carbonated. Which kind of makes sense with the name being Tradittonelle, I think it is a French word and google couldn’t tell me much without lots of reading. Once you get the glass filled, all the bubbles mean this takes time, I suggest letting it breathe a little.
Napoleone & Co say that this cider works well with “Asparagus, pea and Yarra Valley Persian fetta frittata” but I reckon there is room for seafood on that plate, maybe some pork. MMMMmm pork…

It tasted a little dry at first, then with a little breathing, it comes to life. The pear comes through with lots of flavour and none of the sugariness of the more mainstream pear ciders. It looks cloudy due to all the bubbles. In reality the taste is very clean and balanced. Don’t rush this little one, let it sit and admire all the bubbles, you’ll be rewarded with a well balanced flavour. Even stop to inhale some of the goodness, it has that distinct scent which lets you know that it is a real cider made with love and real fruit.

If polite was a drink this would be it.  Everything about this cider is so polite that even my Nan (Hi Val) would enjoy this one.

But how many of the Grey Nomads would truly pull up and get out of their caravans to appreciate a cider? So its left up to the rest of the country to hunt this cider down and consume it in great quantities while it lasts.

I will politely golf clap the shit out of this one, Bravo Napoleone & Co, Bravo.

  • Traditional Pear Cider
  • Voted best Perry in Australia 2011
  • 5.5%
  • $20
  • 8/10

This limited batch might still be available from Smith St Cellars, so go down to see Troy and the boys and grab a few bottles for now and later.

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