The Luckiest Duck of Them All

This is a delightful little drop. Plus it has ducks. Which are lucky.

This is no ordinary duck.

Right from the start this one is an easy drinker. Lightly carbonated with a sharp smell which suggests it is going to be quite dry. But it is surprisingly sweet. I suspect that some pears may have been snuck in somewhere during the brewing process.

It has a nice balance of flavours, a touch of sweetness and the dryness of the more traditional snobby ciders. So it’s a little British but still very drinkable. I keep getting this feeling that I’ve just bitten into a big booze infused apple when I sip/gulp this one. The balance means that you have a delightful cider for a long drinking session. I believe that last years batch sold out quite quickly at the Brunswick Street Cider House. Luckily a new batch has recently hit the streets and is available for the long hot days to come.

It’s fruity and pleasant, looks nice and clean in the glass. I’d recommend this for those nights where you plan on having more than a few drinks or are heading to a party somewhere.
Made in Melbourne from Braeburn apples. Go the Mighty Ducks!
Checkout Lucky Duck’s Facebook.
This is coming soon. I am a little excited to see what this will contain.
Weighing in at 5.4% Alc/1.4 Standard Drinks. It’s an easy drinker full of Ducky goodness. So get it into you.
Available from Brunswick St Cider House for around $9 a bottle. So make the trip and pair it with some chips cooked in duck fat for maximum duck intake.
Whatsincider gives 7.5 little ducks going over the hill. The other 2.5 are now in a Peking Duck Pancake somewhere.

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